Three Good Reasons Why a KidKraft Kitchen is the Best Next Gift

April 13, 2011

Three Good Reasons Why a KidKraft Kitchen is the Best Next Gift

By Rachel Nunez

Have you ever wondered why your children are so helpful to you in the kitchen? Why they are observing at how you complete your masterpieces in your culinary arts? Why they volunteer to chop the onion for you, or peel the potatoes, or simply stir the pot of soup? They are trying to be you, becoming your copycat. They are your biggest culinary fans. Having known that, would you then trust them with knives and real fire in your kitchen? You don’t even need to answer that last question. What you need is a KidKraft Kitchen. It is the best next gift that you could give your kids.

First, KidKraft Kitchens are made safe. They are made of wood. Not of some dangerous synthetic plastic material that may cause harm to your children when ingested. It is sturdy and strong and they won’t break easily. There are no real sharp knives that would hurt them. Their cooking plays are safe because they don’t use real fire. That will surely give you peace of mind., KidKraft Kitchens are educational. Their role playing cooking games will be fun and exciting for them as they let their culinary imaginations run wild but without the risk of messing up your real kitchen. They can invite their friends and show off their new kitchen toy and they would play all day long and have good clean fun. You can play along with them and teach them the right way to set up a table, the right way to handle a knife, the right way to prepare and serve food. And when you see that they can already handle themselves well, then you can actually ask them to participate in your actual kitchen activities. It will be their learning experience from play kitchen to real kitchen.

Third, KidKraft Kitchens look great. You may wonder why I mentioned that looking great is a benefit. Kids do not play forever. At days that your children have things to do other than play their kitchen set, this will stay beautiful as an ornament in the corner of your playroom or living room. It will not look like some simple scattered toy on the floor but a good display toy. In fact, your visiting friends will surely notice it when they see it in the room. It will remind them of their childhood days playing kitchen games as well. Remember, your kids grow so fast, faster than you expected them to be. They will outgrow this toy but with the durability of it and its great looks, they will not mind passing it down to their next generation. Its sentimental value will grow and it will turn out to be a family heirloom. Wouldn’t you be proud to be the one who got this for the family?

So the next time the occasion arises that you need to get the next toy set for your kids, remember to choose KidKraft Kitchen. It is safe for them, it will teach them and it will last their generation, and the next one and then the next. Who knows?

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Advantages of Children Playing With a Play Kitchen

April 11, 2011

Advantages of Children Playing With a Play Kitchen

By Mindy Binder

While there are many advantages of children playing with a play kitchen it is important to realize that not all of the children that play with these sets are girls. For decades children have been enthralled with playing house while acting like mommy and sometimes daddy while in the kitchen. Most parents see the play activities as a fine way to preoccupy the child yet what are some of the child developmental advantages behind this play activity? To adequately answer that question we need to think about what exactly are the children learning from playing with these units. of us who are above the age of 25 and were raised in a home that supplied at least one instance of a play kitchen realize how much fun these items really are. While it is mostly girls that make up the highest-percentages of homes that have played kitchens, there are, at times, little boys that enjoy playing with the kitchen devices as well. No matter what our biased preconceptions are towards play kitchens one fact is for certain: there is no longer a gender line between an Easy Bake Oven and little Johnny or Little Sally. In the very least the gender-line are now blurred with both girls and boys playing with these great toys. This only makes for a better-equipped, well-rounded child developmental issue for both genders. Obviously the advantages of children playing with these kitchens stems from the fact that they are learning their way around the kitchen.

By being familiar with the kitchen items that are replicated in a play kitchen the child is better equipped to handle themselves when the real time comes along. Play kitchens have been around for so many years and there have been very little instances of manufacturer neglect and/or children learning negative behaviors while playing with these very popular toys. There are developmental issues that arise well after children are into their teens yet none of these can be traced back to their associations with play kitchens. Although this remains to be seen what the future holds in child developmental issues and playing with replicas of household items, the bottom line is currently there are no negative revocations associated with children playing with plastic ovens and plastic salt shakers.

Play kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and varieties with some of the most popular being made out of safe non-toxic plastic. With years of research and observations of children playing with these kitchens there has been no signs of detrimental child behavioral skills being learned while in their vicinity. At the very least the children learn great cooking acumen as long as the parents remind the children that real-stoves are hot and boiling water can inflict painful burns. It is highly important that parents observe their children while playing and notice how they act and react when using the stove and or microwave replicas. So much can be learned from watching children playing and especially while playing in a play kitchen.

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Kids Wooden Pretend Play Kitchens Teach Valuable Life Skills

April 9, 2011

Kids Wooden Pretend Play Kitchens Teach Valuable Life Skills

By Stacey Gifford

Doctors of psychology have found through both experience and practice that play is the natural state of expression for children. Not video games or reading, but actual play: playing house, playing trucks, playing make believe. That’s why having a kids wooden pretend kitchen is a great addition to any toy room for young children. Here, children can learn, play, imagine, and simply enjoy themselves with these beautifully crafted replicas of real kitchenware. they’re pretending to be mom and dad making dinner, famous chefs catering to the cultural elite, or perhaps something more fantastic all together, this kitchen play set is the perfect setting to help inspire and engage young minds. Bake imaginary cakes, cook dinner, or even set up an easy bake oven to add to the realism. The possibilities are endless when kids play with the Wooden pretend play kitchen.

Parents can also use a wooden pretend kitchen to teach children some basic facts. What are the different measuring units like cups, tea spoons, table spoons, and ounces? Provide them with play measuring tools and teach them what it means. This valuable knowledge will be with them all of their life. Once learning becomes a part of play, it is more likely to stick with them forever.

Kids wooden pretend play kitchen can also be used to instruct children on proper nutrition. Join them in their own safe area and describe the food pyramid, the importance of vegetables and fruits, and other important rules for healthy living. A lifetime of wellness begins in the kitchen with nutritious eating habits and what better place to get kids engaged in the learning process in their very own “me size” replica of the real kitchen? are a number of different sized play kitchens available, so there’s sure to be a model that fits whatever space is set aside for the young ones. Don’t hesitate: these classic play sets will be in your children’s memories forever. Not only do they provide the perfect environment for play, but the wooden pretend play kitchen can also be a valuable instruction tool for parents as well. Allow your children the opportunity to experience this one of a kind gift and order today.

Written by Stacey Gifford, CEO of

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Buying a Play Kitchen? Some Quick Thoughts

April 7, 2011

Buying a Play Kitchen? Some Quick Thoughts

By Angela Kinders

Your child is becoming a toddler, and it is time to graduate from baby rattles and teething toys. You want something that is educational. You want a toy that your child will play with for more than a minute. A play kitchen is a good choice. are some things to consider:

  • Where am I going to put a play kitchen? – This is important. You need a space for it. Some of the kitchens are big. How much space do you have? If you have very little space, a portable toy kitchen would be a good choice. If you have wall space, choose a single unit multiple appliance kitchen. If you have space in the middle of the room, choose an island kitchen. If you have lots of space, and the money, buy your kid a multi-piece pretend kitchen play set. 
  • How long do you plan to keep it? – This affects everything, especially the price you are willing to pay. If you are moving soon, or just want to see if your child likes it, find an inexpensive used unit from classified ads or a yard sale. If you are someone who can get rid of toys after a child is through with them, buy a plastic or “ready to assemble” wooden kitchen. On the other hand, if you like fine furniture and good craftsmanship, there are many great hand-crafted wooden play kitchens available. 
  • How much storage is available? – Play kitchens beget play food. They also beget other toys, such as, play pots and pans, play dishes, and pretend counter top appliances. Be ready for that. The various play appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and under sink cabinets make great storage areas for all the extras.

So, when you have:

  • Thought about where to put a play kitchen,
  • How long you plan to keep it, and
  • Your kitchen toy storage needs,

You are ready to buy a play kitchen.

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Make Your Children Experience a Different Activity With Play Kitchens

April 5, 2011

Make Your Children Experience a Different Activity With Play Kitchens

By Christel Turner

This would really provoke its creativity as well as blow off him with delight. Doing the things that parents do is always fun, and when the children see that their parents are also helping them in doing the chores which they always wanted to perform, this would really bring them a real happiness. The idea of playing with the play kitchen toys would not only make your children happy, it would also help them in being creative. curiosity of the children makes them capable of not only playing with the regular toys that you bring for them; it also helps them to get quality entertainment while playing with the play kitchen stuff. Fortunately, the play kitchen stuff that is available in the market contains most of the items that you usually use in your kitchen. For instance, you can buy the toy oven, stove, sink and other equipment. If you feel that your children have liked the idea of having a play kitchen, they would be just more than happy for having that. plays not only help in providing your child with a creative as well as an entertaining activity, it also helps in making them grow mentally and learn about the stuff of real life. Just imagine that some years down the road instead of an annoying child in the kitchen, you are having a helping child. And this would be just something that would not only make you feel happy but also proud. With these play kitchens and the dolls stuff you can better help your children about they are expected to behave. For instance you would tell the child that now when the doll has taken her meal, we should take her to brush her teeth, as the doll has finished cooking, it would set all the things at proper places before leaving the kitchen.

These small play kitchens games would really help in making your child learn about the real etiquettes. Parents in the busy life of today usually find less time that would allow them to play a role in the cognitive growth of the children, but if they can spare some time that can be utilized in getting them involved in play kitchens kind of activities, that would really be a good job.

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Play Kitchen – The Super Toy

April 3, 2011

Play Kitchen – The Super Toy

By Omri Dotan

If you are looking to make a little child happy for whatever reason, you will find that a Play Kitchen is one great option for you to look at. A toy kitchen can be something as simple as a plastic stove range or it can be a fully equipped little kitchen in miniature that has everything from overhead lights to a refrigerator to a storage place to keep the pots and pans! Take a moment to think about how delightful such a kitchen can be.

Kids love to imitate adults, we know, and with a great little Play Kitchen, they can imitate to their hearts’ content. It’s much better for them to play their own kitchens than it is to have them try to imitate you in your own kitchen, with spices, a stove to worry about, and so on. However, their own little kitchen can give them a place where they can feel like small adults, so that they can entertain themselves for literally hours.

One of the great things of having a Play Kitchen is that your children can be creative for hours — under their own steam. They’ll make up their own games and literally do everything from their imaginations, which is much healthier for them than simply having you place them to stare in front of the TV.

Another thing that you will realize is that a Toy Kitchen can be a divine thing for a small child to get as a baby and then to grow up to young childhood with. A Play Kitchen can be a lovely way for you to teach your child about kitchens in general without needing to let them play in your oven or with your microwave. This is a exquisite toy for educational purposes.

If you have a number of children, there are lots of reasons you can buy them a Toy Kitchen together. First, of course, this is going to maintain them entertained for hours; it gives them a sense of reality as they play games of house, restaurant, or other kitchen based fantasies, and it’s going to keep all of your kids busy at once — a great thing when it comes to a toy.

Children love to play act, and choosing a great toy kitchen for them might be a great way to let them explore that. The nice thing about a toy like this is that it does not make any demands on them. It allows them to use their imaginations and it gives them the opportunity to stretch and grow in their own directions. There are no rules and that can be fabulous fun for a small child.

However, don’t forget that you the adult should also play with your child in his or her toy kitchen. You cook for them all the time, and now they can find out that it’s really fun to “cook” for you. This is a great way to show them that they can do it, too, and then as they get older, they’ll be used to helping out in the kitchen. You’ll also find out about their likes and tastes and what they would like to eat.

Consider what toys your child loves and make sure that you consider how a play kitchen can help them have some real fun while they learn!

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Play Kitchen – The Social Value

April 1, 2011

Play Kitchen – The Social Value

By Omri Dotan

Do you remember long ago when you used to play in your room with microwave ovens, stoves, glasses, silverware, and everything else that came along with a play kitchen? You probably didn’t realize it back then, but it actually helped shape you into the person you are today.

Did you know that your child learns important skills in his or her play kitchen? Play kitchens and other environments that foster pretend play encourage creativity, imagination, imitation of adults, and the development of a whole host of skills and functions that are a necessary part of your child’s learning, growth, and development.

Consider the interaction that takes place when two little girls engage in pretend play in a play kitchen setting. The children first select roles, often negotiating to decide who will be the mommy and who will be the child or compromising with both being the mommy and the dolls being the children. Then they engage in activities and conversation in their kitchen and with their baby dolls, imitating their own mothers and aunts or moms they’ve seen on television or in movies.’s hard to fathom, but there is a lot of detail that goes into having a play kitchen party. Sure, they won’t be running back and forth between the stove and cabinets, making sure everyone is dressed for school, all while getting ready themselves. However, it’s almost as if you are priming them for responsibility and accountability for the future. Seriously, think about how much these youngsters are going to be able to help out in the future. Whether it’s setting the table properly, preparing a meal, or just keeping guests entertained, it all starts with a play kitchen.

It’s a joy to watch little girls in pretend play activities like this and makes us smile to ourselves. But there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. While they are playing, these little girls are learning, too! In just the play kitchen scenario alone, these little girls are developing social skills like how to interact with others, how to share, how to negotiate, how to compromise, and how to make friends. They are developing emotionally in the ways they find to cope when they do not agree or someone does not get their way or get to use a particular toy that the other child has. They are also developing life skills learning to nurture their babies and care for families and homes. Further, they are learning complex concepts like sequential order (for example, first we crack the eggs, then we fry them in the pan, then we scoop them on the plate, and then we eat them) and abstract thinking (for instance, when they use an object to represent something else such as the Lincoln log being a telephone).

We understand that you won’t actually be able to know what they’re thinking, but actions speak louder then words. Remember, these are the most important times of their life when learning is easy, and it can be fun. You might as well give them the best opportunity possible, and enjoy it at the same time. Eventually they will branch out into a full day with their dolls, even though it starts with the play kitchen. You will hear them talking about work, careers (probably the same as yours), and dreams they want to accomplish when they get older.

Even vocabulary, language, and conversational skills are being developed as the little girls talk with each other, playing out their assigned roles, particularly when they incorporate words or phrases they’ve just discovered. In watching them, we can get a great deal of insight into how they interpret the life events that happen around them and how they cope. Child psychologists and therapists even use play kitchens and pretend play to gain an understanding of how a child is processing traumatic events.

In the end, a play kitchen isn’t just for show and to keep a child entertained. You are completely shaping their thinking and their future with all the skills that available. So get your son or daughter a play kitchen and start them out right. Time flies by, and soon they may be cooking a meal for you.

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Pretend Play Toys & Pretend Play Kitchen Fun

March 30, 2011

Pretend Play Toys & Pretend Play Kitchen Fun

By Omri Dotan

Kids like to duplicate what they view their parents do. The most popular mimicked actions are activities done in the kitchen. The Kitchen is the center of the family and where the most time is spent. This is where meals are prepared and where family members eat their food. When you have small children, it is only natural for them to imitate their mom or dad and pretend play toys allow them to play it out. your little one first gets into the kitchen, he or she may be content with a pot or two and a wooden spoon. Their imagination can soar with just a few simple kitchen utensils but you want to be sure to add in more pretend play toys so they can let their imagination soar. You should try to include your child in food preparation when possible as this helps them build their self esteem, their confidence and helps them to become independent.

There are many manufactures that offer some sort of play kitchen which will allow your child to have their own kitchen to work and play in. They can be entertained for hours while they prepare a meal with their pretend play toys for the family. This helps them to take a simple tea party to the next level and make it more real for them.

Learning important life lessons through pretend play is a great way to show them how to interact with others. It can also teach them how to work independently or as part of a team. One of the great things about pretend play is they don’t even realize they are learning life lessons as they are having too much fun playing with their play kitchens. will need to keep in consideration a few things when choosing the right essentials to go with your child’s play kitchen. Make sure that you purchase toys that are age appropriate. If kids are too young, you don’t want them to play with a toy knife, because they could choose to borrow your knife when theirs is missing. Teach them which items are dangerous to them and should never be played with. Teach them to always ask for help if they ever need to use a knife.

You can choose individual pretend play toys such as food items, kitchen utensils and pots and pans or you can go with a kitchen sink, an oven or even a refrigerator. If you want to take it one step further then you can get complete play kitchen sets which will give you such things as a sink, oven, stove and a microwave. The options for a Play Kitchen are virtually endless.

Kids can even pretend to grocery shop, because there are tons of pretend food items that can be purchased. Some play sets include a cash register and a grocery cart to give your child the full illusion of grocery shopping.

Developing your children into well rounded people is the best through pretend play toys. They will be having way too much fun playing house, to realize they are learning at the same time. With all the options, accessories and pretend play toys, your child could never be bored!

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Pretend Play Kitchen

March 28, 2011

Pretend Play Kitchen

By Rama Krishna

Little kids are in love with pretend play kitchen sets because these call for action oriented plays which challenge the minds of the kids in a number of positive ways. Play kitchen games navigate the growing minds of the young children and involve these young minds in that little world of toys in such a way that they pretend to be their elders and enact their own roles in the kitchen, imitating their elders’ real life activities. Allowing these little growing minds to play in kitchen set ups teaches them the various related causes and effects and builds up self confidence in the process.

There are a number of ways in which these games can made to be more fun filled and the learning process can be made more interesting for the kids. One of the popular plays is grocery shopping. Supply your little one with toys like fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks and possibly all those items which are available in a grocery store. Hand over a shopping bag or a cart to him/her, and ask them to do some grocery shopping for you. You can also participate in the game by acting as the shopkeeper and in the playful way teach your little one, the various simple calculations of purchasing things. interesting setup is the restaurant. Here you can let your kid wear an apron like the chef and allow him/her to take customer order with a paper and pencil. You can playfully teach him/her how to cook the ordered items and show him how to place those items in a presentable manner and serve the guests. Bring in some pretend money too, to teach your child the purchasing and selling of foods in the process. Besides, you can also allow your kid inside your own kitchen with his/her toys. You can arrange a set up with empty bowl and measuring cups and spoons on a high chair. Then you can ask your little one to fill the bowl to a certain measure, empty it, and use the spoons whenever required and so on.

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Purchasing a Wooden Play Kitchen Set For Your Child

March 26, 2011

Purchasing a Wooden Play Kitchen Set For Your Child

By Teresa Martin

There are many types of play kitchen sets. Some are plastic and may last a couple of years but if you want a good, durable kitchen set a wooden kitchen set will be the best investment for your dollar. In today’s economy with many having to pinch the dollar, there are many aspects to look at. Do you want your dollar to purchase a plastic set that will last a short while or a unique wooden play kitchen set that will last for a long time? are many styles of wooden play kitchen sets. Some are natural colored and others are brightly colored. Many wooden play kitchen sets consist of a wooden toy cupboard, wooden toy stove, wooden toy refrigerator and even a wooden toy microwave. Some wooden play kitchen sets come already assembled although freight cost more. Other wooden play kitchen sets come unassembled and can become a family project putting it together or maybe a wonderful project for a parent or grandparent to put together and make it extra special knowing that it was “built” by that special someone.

I received a wooden play cupboard when I was 2 years old and remember how much fun I had playing with it. My sister and I played “house” every day and I know my parents were very satisfied knowing that the money they spent on that wooden play cupboard was thoroughly enjoyed. As time passed, I had a daughter and the wooden play cupboard was once again played with. Today it is stored away waiting for my grandchildren and the wooden play cupboard is in excellent condition. I don’t believe that a plastic one would last over 40 years and be in excellent condition. of my favorite companies is Elves and Angels which is a company that makes wooden toys in Maine. This company has many styles of wooden toy kitchen sets similiar to the one that I had when I was small. This company not only has wooden toy kitchen play sets but they also make a wooden play diaper changing table as well. This will really keep your little one busy carrying for “the family”. Some have a integrated hutch with two shelves will be ideal for displaying all the “pretty dishes”. Children can bake on the two oven shelves and store items in the cupboard. Made of solid wood with carefully rounded edges your child will enjoy many happy moments cooking and making delicious meals.

Other wooden play kitchen sets are very eye catching. Instead of the bottom part of the wooden toy cupboard having doors it has brightly colored curtains and makes this little kitchen set stand out and look very creative. It also gives the little one plenty of space to the left of the sink for drying dishes or doing any “food prep” that needs to be done.

Some wooden play kitchen sets have the wooden toy cupboard and the wooden play stove and oven combined together. The “sink” is a small stainless steel bowl. With ample space to do cooking, baking and clean up tasks your child will be learning about the real art of cooking.

There are even some ideas that one can use when the child has outgrown playing with it. It makes an ideal place to store crafts, scrapbooking papers or perhaps store your child’s little memory projects in it.

There are many toys advertised in today’s world trying to grab the attention of parents and children, but sometimes it is the items that aren’t advertised that are the best. Toys are toys, but a real toy is one that can be passed on from generation to generation with wonderful stories that can be passed also.

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Author: Teresa Martin

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